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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elegant Avatar Zentai Suit For Halloween Party

There is no word found to describe my favor for this treasure --- Avatar zentai suit

I’m always thinking who I should be costumed as to astonish you and be special from others…. It’s really a hard work…. I don’t want to be the princess in fairy tales, or creepy zombie and corpse until I found an avatar picture….

Searching for an appropriate clothing to take place of the rare blue skin, to be frank, spend my much time to get over. An Avatar zentai suit just accomplishes this plan…. Designed to be full body style, the clothing adopts Lycra Spandex material to enable you can expand your body freely because of its high elasticity. Except these, its softness and smoothness gratify your need for cosy feeling. Although it clings to body tightly, well, the nice expansion will supply enough space…. This zentai suit emphasizes on blue color with stripes with hood and tail attached. I have seen two types in the party of head, or say hood…. One is exactly enclosed unless you ask to get holes to be eyes and nose; the other is to use an Avatar mask instead of hood… can you think out the thing?

Apart for the Avatar zentai suit, to be a really lively role from Pandora, you also need demon ears and a wig…. If you have prepared the nuts and bolts, begin the travel to Pandora…. It’s so exciting….

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gorgeous Chobits Chii Cosplay Clothing

Beautiful Chobits Chii

Have you seen the girl on the left? I don't make sure she's human, even a lovely girl, possiblely, she is an angel...And she just makes a travel around the human world due to her curiosity for man's world...

You also may get such a guess, she's a naughty mermaid waiting for her love on the bank... At this time, her fair skin and perfect figure instead of the fish scales and fish tail...The legends, just stories from generation to generation, shows when a mermaid become a human, she must be beautiful and enthrolled... Is it right?

Well... stop the reveries, actually, she's a chobits, a kind of technologically advanced computer like human in manga Chobits... named Chi...

Chobits Chii in brown dress

Facing such an endearing role, when the Halloween party or comic convention approaching, how couldn't you keep calm? Yeah... being Chobits Chi is also a nice choice for a cosplay show...

In the picture on the right side, please notice the dark brown dress, not focus all your attention to her elaborate five senses and perfect figure... If in a professional way to name the dress, it's Chobits Chi brown cosplay costume... The dress, as you can see, is one-piece with turn-down collar design... I always think, the brown, or red color dress just belongs youth...  Because when wearing it, the dress becomes dynamic and passionate... although it's a simple style, but not monotonous... Agree with me??? Lovely girl, this dress is your good choice.

Chobits Chii looks like princess

There are alternative options... This treasure is gleamy to your eyes? You're swallowed by the cute ruffles and lovely pink bow... in addition, the soft lace become the crowning touch... It reminds me the Lolita style, like princess. 

I have seen several editions for this clothing... one can be strapless, but now like the picture, also nice... the other design is blue silk bow, it's not so important, do you think so?

Halloween party approaching, have you had own plan?? It's a right time to prepare for your idea... The clothes above exhibited are not all the clothing of Chii, next time, I'll bring you more... So, notice me...:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Cosplay Uniform

Bleach Soi Fong cosplay

In fact, I think this item today will exhibit deserves your love… except the popularity of anime Bleach, with funky design, the Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Cosplay uniform is  enthralling indeed.

Briefly, this item is just a simple female kimono. To some extent, it has similarities to the modern evening dress. While the remarkable fashion style becomes the crowning touch. The low-cut design, and elegant lap, adding to the separated sleeves, these are shinning points of this clothing. It will show your shape perfectly, do you think so?

Bleach Fong Soi uniform

In short, it’s simple but not monotonous…

PS: who is Soi Fong or Fong Soi?
Soi Fong is a relatively short and petitie woman with gray eyes and black hair in Bleach. In all, she’s a pleasurable girl…

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video About Bleach Soi Fong

Well… I was going to introduce Sexy Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Clothes… but, I’m hesitating…. It’s necessary to let you know this girl before my recommend. So, today, enjoy this video… and, tomorrow I’ll bring you a dedicate clothing I love so much…

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sesshoumaru Cosplay Outfit

Sesshoumaru's breeze smile
Have you seen the picture? Wow… it can be a piece of enchanting scenery. The smile, looks like the breeze, without any waves…

Putting his appearance aside temporarily, how about Sesshoumaru costume? It’s also great, I answered…I think it deserves your love. The dress mainly comes with one piece like Japanese kimono, but somewhat different in the design of legs which looks like bloomers. Just a piece of kimono is not enough, an exquisite belt goes around the waist, elegant patterns and color collocation in shoulder, cuff and belt. More pleasurable point maybe is the soft fur cape decorating the right shoulder. If you have partiality in fur design, this style, I think, will get your favor. Especially, if this is your Halloween plan, it can warm your heart in such cold winter.
Sesshoumaru cosplay costume

Haha… if you can’t decide, well…. Stroll around my room…more suggestions given here… and more various selections will be appeared if you can give some your personal opinion… J

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume

Naruto Cosplay Picture

Today, the leading role is not the character, but Uzumaki Naruto cosplay costume. It’s a necessity to acquaint you with Naruto’s suit which also can be seen as a symbol of him.

Wow, you’ll get preference to the orange color for his cute orange suit. It goes saying, ‘love me, and love my dog’. So magical is the suit that you can’t help being affected by it. Don’t say so much irrelevant, now, these styles will be presented to you.

Naruto cosplay outfit

Akin to the sport clothes, Naruto costume in first volume is captured by orange color. Sometimes, the sleeves are either black or long-length, even short sleeve. And a white zipper stretches from down to up. There is one shall not be forgotten, a piece of headband printed with sign of ninja. It can be a kind of glory being a qualified ninja. Do you remember some fragments in which Naruto makes his efforts to get the qualification at the beginning of story?

For another style is Uzumaki Naruto 6th Hokage cosplay costume. Comparing the previous dress, it’s so dignified. Without a shadow of doubt, this clothing as well as features orange. Somewhat differently, the matching trousers are not dyed orange, and the coat reaches to calf. At his left hand, ties on a piece. Moreover, distinct patterns lie on sleeves and the end of coat.
6th Hokage Cosplay clothes

These models belong to Uzumaki Naruto, do you like?

It’s your best choice supposing there is a Naruto cosplay activity or Uzumaki Naruto cosplay show. Well, to your expected, these costumes can be bought in an online shop. In this way you Not only save your time, but you can have a fest of your eyes. More important is cheap price and customized way to support.

Once you are moved, take action unhesitatingly! Enjoy the fun, and release yourself!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pokémon Pikachu Cosplay Dress

Pikachu cosplay

Pokémon Pikachu is really an endearing partner, not just a pet, isn’t it? It can be predictable that Pikachu is so popular.

Today, I’ll introduce you the treasure to be costumed as Pikachu. 

There are two choices in your hand. If meet the hot day, no denying, the fashionable skirt suit is available. Have you seen that? LOL… I never imagine Pikachu can be so sexy. The yellow top matches with same color mini-skirt, adding to a pair of Pikachu ear… this suit enables you to show your figure, and, it’s appropriate for a hot day cosmic show.

If your plan is closed to November or October, for example, Halloween party, the other proposal belongs you. Aha… it’s a jumpsuit with cap. More attractive is the design of tail, and its cutest face. Telling truth, I get preference in the later one. This one offers you enough space to fill into other clothing to keep warm. So, don’t worry.
Pokemon Pikachu
In fact, with regard to the costume, you can make some variations according to your needs. She’s a clever girl, isn’t she? The jump suit has been changed into two partscoat and short pants. Good work.

This is only a small suggestion for your cosmic plan, what about your own idea?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bleach Orihime Inoue Cosplay Dress

Aha, here is Orihime space.

Bleach cosplay

For my first impression, she’s a naïve girl. It’s said she’s a good student with high marks in school. No wonder she has to receive the financial support from her relatives, well, if not working hard, it’s no way. Except that, Orihime is a nice girl. Her curvaceous figure makes me envy her; especially her solid breasts always catch your eyes easily.

I think, Orihime Inoue cosplay dress contributes to her perfect and tempted shape. The slight low-cut V design, with black hem, presents her advantage properly. Roughly glimpsing, it’s a collocation of kimono and dress. More delicate variations play the crowning touch to this unique. Such as the black hem, white dominant tone, slanted waist band, even the ruffled dress.
Orihime outfit

Adding to red or orange hair with cute hairpin, I feel a vivid anime Orihime appears in the sight. Hash, tell you a secret, she gets used to tuck the hair behind her ears with hairpins. If you notice this detail, well, I think in a Bleach Orihime Inoue cosplay, you’ll win more ratings. J

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fantasy Tifa Cosplay Clothing

Fantasy Tifa cosplay

To boys fascinated, together with admired by girls, a stunning young Tifa Lockhart emerged all of a sudden. Tawny hair reaching to her waist, occasionally black instead comes on strong impression to people. Apart from her personalized nature, the nice costume, I believe, is also main reason why people love her so much.

Tifa Costume

Tifa’s suit is an ordinary outfit which consists of an elbow protectors, white tank top, black short skirt, and at the same time, accompanying with a pair of gloves extending to her elbow.  Matching suspenders add the finishing touches to this unique.

Tifa cosplay outfit
Indeed, Tifa uniform is different in diverse period. For instance, this improved costume also get much more eye-catching, which comes with a white sleeveless tank top inside, a black vest, gloves and a pant with a piece of cloth in the back similar to a dress viewed from back. Besides, a pink ribbon personalizes the design tied on the left arm.

If Tifa cosplay is your Halloween plan, well, you can act now, or do it by yourself, or customization.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pokémon Misty Cosplay Outfit

Ash and Misty
When someone needs an advice which role is easy to costume play, usually, Pokémon Misty ranks in my list. Of course, it’s just for female. If you don’t mind being a crossing-gender role, okay, but it’s funny….

Pokemon Misty cosplay outfit

In my opinion, Misty in anime should be a tomboy, while, in Pokémon Misty cosplay, she can be gentle, naughty, energetic, even sexy. No wonder she’s been popular, cosplayers deduce different edition with their own variation. 

Misty cosplay
One point can be sure that the Pokémon Misty cosplay outfit is the collocation of yellow T-shirt and suspender short jean pants. For this costume, you needn’t to order in an online shop. Adding the freight, it costs you more. Why not do it by yourself? Short jean pants, I bet, it lies in every girls’ wardrobe. As for the yellow T-shirt, you can tailor it according to your satisfaction. It’s really an easy one, isn’t it?

Do not bother the problem you’ll not be noticed in a cosmic-con. Depending on her popularity, take it easy, you’ll be the shinning one. With the help of an orange wig, it will be a great success. Besides, I’m against the way dyeing your hair, it’s harmful.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay Outfits

Cloud Final Fantasy

Still I haven’t resistance for beauty at all, not only flowery girl, but cute boy… Cloud Strife, who I drool over him for long time, is introduced to you….

As it is, apart from good-looking, Cloud Fantasy outfit gives a finishing touch for the success of role design.
Cloud Cosplay

Originally, Cloud’s suit is an ordinary standard outfit for 1st class soldiers in Final Fantasy , which consist of pants, sleeveless shirt, and at the same time, accompanying with a belt. A matching gauntlet with a single pauldron over his left shoulder adds the finishing touches to this unique. Hardly does he change his clothing. In most of his appearances, he almost wears this uniform.

Crisis Core Cloud uniform

Indeed, cloud’s uniform is different in diverse games. For instance, in Crisis Core, his costume design comes from a black robe, and then changes into the vision in the film. This dress contains mid-length sleeves coat with high collar, pants, boots, a pair of leather gloves, as well as knee caps.

The clothes in Final Fantasy and Adventure Children are more attractive, do you think so? Wear this cosplay clothing to join the Cloud Cosplay...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gorgeous Final Fantasy Lulu Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy Lulu: a beauty, giving my kiss :D

No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.
It’s said in Final Fantasy which explain the mystery with one remark: Some are dull, some are spunky, and some are honorable, but in the world of Spira, all have one goal: defeat Sin.

Lulu cosplay outfit

Certainly, as loyal fans of Lulu, do you want to experience her adventures? The answer is in the affirmative, so do I on account of favor to her. Therefore, Lulu cosplay is demand at the historic moment, which greatly satisfies enthusiasts’ need.

Without doubt, Lulu cosplay outfit is indispensable for a Lulu cosplay show.

Lulu Cosplay
Lulu cosplays costume, although a little baroque at first glance, is delicate design, drawing the outline of her tall figure with sexy appeal. It comes with a low-cut fur-lined dress performing catching appeal. In addition, gentle laciness goes around the cuff and the bottom of dress. At the same time, interlaced belts adorn the façade looking more personalized. I’m unbelievable how she work out this design, maybe all ascribe to the smart designer.

I hope you like this cosplay clothing, but I’ll keeping bring about more as excellent as this one. Just wait and see.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink Hatsune Miku Glowing Your Eyes

Pink Miku

Not easy to find, Hatsune Miku is still beloved by cosers. To take the recent Los Angeles Anime Expo as an example, the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku cosplay played an essential role, Hatsune Miku concert at the beginning, then Miku Dance contest… well, are you a member of Miku fans?

Pink Lady---Miku
I know, in the following months, there will hold many anime conventions which, certainly, will attract tens of thousands anime fan, aha, are you ready to continue the Miku’s trip?

Today, I’ll bring over a new stuff in hope you like it. --- Vocaloid Hatsune Miku cosplay costume, a pink one.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cosplay Outfits
Compared to the traditional green style, being less well-known to you, this clothing features the pink color which makes you lost in the pink romantic. If you have preference to pink, I bet, you’ll get mad in this design. It comes with short sleeves clothing, neckband and hat. The bright pink color captures your attention naturally. No matter the lace rim in cuff and lap or the cute double-line buttons, all these designs show its elegance. Together with removable neckband and special hat, this clothing livens up the charming role Miku. As you can see, the color is not monotonous, with deeper pink skillfully across the mass tone in harmony.

Is it hard to imagine the effect? No, I’ll show you the evidence. With blue wig and pink suit, Miku deduces her own adorable story.

After viewing the beautiful photos, if you plan to try or not? I know, many people want to be a famous one, while not a repeated role, at this moment, you’ll add your own creative ideas and some small variations to the original sample. Why not try this new stuff? Come on to display a lively and confident Miku!

Let’s have a date with next anime convention holding the hands with Miku.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Second Surprise ---- FF Rinoa Cosplay Costume

As thin as possible the clothing is, and we often think like that. Maybe shorter, thinner is better in such hot days. Well, the similar problem ever bothered you?

Final Fantasy Rinoa costume

Yeah, today, I introduce the second surprise, FF Rinoa Cosplay Costume. It’s summer wear. And FF fans, you can pay more attention.

Final Fantasy Rinoa cosplay clothing
What’s your first feeling at the sight of this? Aha, it’s a common one? If you answer like that, um…I think it’s not totally wrong. Maybe you like it on account of a simple reason: love me, love my dog, right? I’m the one like this. :)

Comparing with the former one, I prefer the second style. Seemingly light, and distinctive, this design is more eye-catching.

Actually, the zeal for cosplay is enough to liven up the role. Don’t believe it? Yeah, put some proves in front of you. 
The rests are Saya's works.
 How are you feeling? I bet, if you are armed with confidence and zeal, you'll get a big success in you Rinoa cosplay show.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Treasure----Harry Potter Cloak

Giving you a seed, I believe, under your special care, it will sprout, and bloom; giving you a brush, I believe, you’ll keep the nice scenery in your picture; aha, now, giving you Harry Potter Gryffindor Cloak Cosplay Costume, no denying, another Harry Potter appear before our eyes.
Certainly, different people deduce different Harry Potter, so, just show you.

This cloak, for my views, it’s more like an academic costume to some extent. Just last year, I wore it to pose to photos with pride. In fact, there are some different points. Apparently, an important badge is attached on the left chest. The wide sleeves, together with black long length style give you a sense of magic.

Plus, the Harry Potter Hufflepuff cosplay cloak, Harry Potter Ravenclaw cosplay cloak and Harry Potter Slytherin uniform are as mysterious as the former. Well, the badge, the color of collar and cuff become the obvious different points.

Yep, if you have a Harry Potter cosplay party, which one do you prefer?