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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elegant Avatar Zentai Suit For Halloween Party

There is no word found to describe my favor for this treasure --- Avatar zentai suit

I’m always thinking who I should be costumed as to astonish you and be special from others…. It’s really a hard work…. I don’t want to be the princess in fairy tales, or creepy zombie and corpse until I found an avatar picture….

Searching for an appropriate clothing to take place of the rare blue skin, to be frank, spend my much time to get over. An Avatar zentai suit just accomplishes this plan…. Designed to be full body style, the clothing adopts Lycra Spandex material to enable you can expand your body freely because of its high elasticity. Except these, its softness and smoothness gratify your need for cosy feeling. Although it clings to body tightly, well, the nice expansion will supply enough space…. This zentai suit emphasizes on blue color with stripes with hood and tail attached. I have seen two types in the party of head, or say hood…. One is exactly enclosed unless you ask to get holes to be eyes and nose; the other is to use an Avatar mask instead of hood… can you think out the thing?

Apart for the Avatar zentai suit, to be a really lively role from Pandora, you also need demon ears and a wig…. If you have prepared the nuts and bolts, begin the travel to Pandora…. It’s so exciting….

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gorgeous Chobits Chii Cosplay Clothing

Beautiful Chobits Chii

Have you seen the girl on the left? I don't make sure she's human, even a lovely girl, possiblely, she is an angel...And she just makes a travel around the human world due to her curiosity for man's world...

You also may get such a guess, she's a naughty mermaid waiting for her love on the bank... At this time, her fair skin and perfect figure instead of the fish scales and fish tail...The legends, just stories from generation to generation, shows when a mermaid become a human, she must be beautiful and enthrolled... Is it right?

Well... stop the reveries, actually, she's a chobits, a kind of technologically advanced computer like human in manga Chobits... named Chi...

Chobits Chii in brown dress

Facing such an endearing role, when the Halloween party or comic convention approaching, how couldn't you keep calm? Yeah... being Chobits Chi is also a nice choice for a cosplay show...

In the picture on the right side, please notice the dark brown dress, not focus all your attention to her elaborate five senses and perfect figure... If in a professional way to name the dress, it's Chobits Chi brown cosplay costume... The dress, as you can see, is one-piece with turn-down collar design... I always think, the brown, or red color dress just belongs youth...  Because when wearing it, the dress becomes dynamic and passionate... although it's a simple style, but not monotonous... Agree with me??? Lovely girl, this dress is your good choice.

Chobits Chii looks like princess

There are alternative options... This treasure is gleamy to your eyes? You're swallowed by the cute ruffles and lovely pink bow... in addition, the soft lace become the crowning touch... It reminds me the Lolita style, like princess. 

I have seen several editions for this clothing... one can be strapless, but now like the picture, also nice... the other design is blue silk bow, it's not so important, do you think so?

Halloween party approaching, have you had own plan?? It's a right time to prepare for your idea... The clothes above exhibited are not all the clothing of Chii, next time, I'll bring you more... So, notice me...:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Cosplay Uniform

Bleach Soi Fong cosplay

In fact, I think this item today will exhibit deserves your love… except the popularity of anime Bleach, with funky design, the Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Cosplay uniform is  enthralling indeed.

Briefly, this item is just a simple female kimono. To some extent, it has similarities to the modern evening dress. While the remarkable fashion style becomes the crowning touch. The low-cut design, and elegant lap, adding to the separated sleeves, these are shinning points of this clothing. It will show your shape perfectly, do you think so?

Bleach Fong Soi uniform

In short, it’s simple but not monotonous…

PS: who is Soi Fong or Fong Soi?
Soi Fong is a relatively short and petitie woman with gray eyes and black hair in Bleach. In all, she’s a pleasurable girl…

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video About Bleach Soi Fong

Well… I was going to introduce Sexy Bleach Soi Fong Fighting Clothes… but, I’m hesitating…. It’s necessary to let you know this girl before my recommend. So, today, enjoy this video… and, tomorrow I’ll bring you a dedicate clothing I love so much…