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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Treasure----Harry Potter Cloak

Giving you a seed, I believe, under your special care, it will sprout, and bloom; giving you a brush, I believe, you’ll keep the nice scenery in your picture; aha, now, giving you Harry Potter Gryffindor Cloak Cosplay Costume, no denying, another Harry Potter appear before our eyes.
Certainly, different people deduce different Harry Potter, so, just show you.

This cloak, for my views, it’s more like an academic costume to some extent. Just last year, I wore it to pose to photos with pride. In fact, there are some different points. Apparently, an important badge is attached on the left chest. The wide sleeves, together with black long length style give you a sense of magic.

Plus, the Harry Potter Hufflepuff cosplay cloak, Harry Potter Ravenclaw cosplay cloak and Harry Potter Slytherin uniform are as mysterious as the former. Well, the badge, the color of collar and cuff become the obvious different points.

Yep, if you have a Harry Potter cosplay party, which one do you prefer?

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