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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pokémon Misty Cosplay Outfit

Ash and Misty
When someone needs an advice which role is easy to costume play, usually, Pokémon Misty ranks in my list. Of course, it’s just for female. If you don’t mind being a crossing-gender role, okay, but it’s funny….

Pokemon Misty cosplay outfit

In my opinion, Misty in anime should be a tomboy, while, in Pokémon Misty cosplay, she can be gentle, naughty, energetic, even sexy. No wonder she’s been popular, cosplayers deduce different edition with their own variation. 

Misty cosplay
One point can be sure that the Pokémon Misty cosplay outfit is the collocation of yellow T-shirt and suspender short jean pants. For this costume, you needn’t to order in an online shop. Adding the freight, it costs you more. Why not do it by yourself? Short jean pants, I bet, it lies in every girls’ wardrobe. As for the yellow T-shirt, you can tailor it according to your satisfaction. It’s really an easy one, isn’t it?

Do not bother the problem you’ll not be noticed in a cosmic-con. Depending on her popularity, take it easy, you’ll be the shinning one. With the help of an orange wig, it will be a great success. Besides, I’m against the way dyeing your hair, it’s harmful.

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