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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay Outfits

Cloud Final Fantasy

Still I haven’t resistance for beauty at all, not only flowery girl, but cute boy… Cloud Strife, who I drool over him for long time, is introduced to you….

As it is, apart from good-looking, Cloud Fantasy outfit gives a finishing touch for the success of role design.
Cloud Cosplay

Originally, Cloud’s suit is an ordinary standard outfit for 1st class soldiers in Final Fantasy , which consist of pants, sleeveless shirt, and at the same time, accompanying with a belt. A matching gauntlet with a single pauldron over his left shoulder adds the finishing touches to this unique. Hardly does he change his clothing. In most of his appearances, he almost wears this uniform.

Crisis Core Cloud uniform

Indeed, cloud’s uniform is different in diverse games. For instance, in Crisis Core, his costume design comes from a black robe, and then changes into the vision in the film. This dress contains mid-length sleeves coat with high collar, pants, boots, a pair of leather gloves, as well as knee caps.

The clothes in Final Fantasy and Adventure Children are more attractive, do you think so? Wear this cosplay clothing to join the Cloud Cosplay...

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